St. Andrew's Cross

Also known as a Saltire, an X Shaped Cross or in BDSM Terms, a Spanking Cross, the St. Andrew's Cross has been around for many generations. As the story goes, when Saint Andrew, (one of Jesus Christ's 12 apostles), was sentenced to crucifixion by the Romans in A.D. 60, it is said that he believed himself unworthy to be crucified on a cross like that of Jesus and so it was arranged that he would be crucified on a diagonal cross, also known as a saltire. The saltire later became known as the symbol of St Andrew and thus, the St. Andrews Cross. Around the year A.D 1000 when the nation of Scotland officially adopted St. Andrew as their patron saint, his symbol was also represented on their flag. 

This popular piece of BDSM furniture has been used to decorate many a dungeon over the years and Eden's Temple are delighted to be able to offer this stunning piece to our client base. Handmade in County Dublin, Ireland, this free standing cross stands at 2 meters tall (6.5ft), approx 1.4 meters wide and is made from solid pine. The main X is made of 6x2" panels, making the cross heavy, strong and durable, while all braces and cross members are 3x2" panels. The Breast Pad is 40x30cm and is covered in black vinyl. The angle which the X frame sits at is approximately 75°. As it is easily put together with wing nuts, no tools are needed to assemble or disassemble. All hardware is carbon steel and is also weather treated against rust. The total weight of the cross is approximately 25kg.

The best thing about this piece is that it is designed to be completely assembled and disassembled in a matter of minutes and can be stored away in complete privacy. It comes with a neat supply bag which is on wheels, making it even more convenient for storing away. The dimensions of the bag are approx 150x30x30cm. Overall, this stunning cross is, quite simply, a masterful piece of craftsmanship. 

Please note that the St Andrew's Cross is exempt from discount codes (including free shipping codes to the E.U & U.K). As these items are handmade, please allow 5-7 working days from date of purchase for delivery. Free Irish shipping on all crosses. Shipping outside of Ireland will be calculated at checkout. 

  • Handmade from solid pine
  • Fully collapsible
  • Easy assembly (instructions included)
  • No tools necessary
  • Total height | 2 meters (6.5ft)
  • Total weight | approx. 25kg
  • Storage bag included
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