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Eden's Temple Loyalty Club

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Restraints & Bondage

Restraints & Bondage

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Secret Deals

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Love Has No Limits

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    Intensify Your Orgasm

    Love the feeling of having your nipples pinched? Does having your partner bite your nipples while you play get you aroused? You're not the only one. Nipple clamps cause an endorphin release that can elevate your orgasm, allowing for a full body rush! Find the right clamp for you or your partner now.

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    What is a Fetish?

    The dictionary describes it as "If someone has a fetish, they have an unusually strong liking or need for a particular object or activity, as a way of getting sexual pleasure....rubber and leather fetishes....fetish wear for sexual arousal."

    Browse our Fetish Wear collection now to see if anything peaks your desires.

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    When Pain & Pleasure Collide

    Like all things in BDSM (and sex in general), erotic spanking should only be practiced between consenting adults who are both 100% into it. Whether it's a slap of a bare hand or a more daring crack of a bull whip, when practiced with care, spanking can be one of life's guilty pleasures.

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