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July 05, 2022 3 min read

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If you’ve been doing any online shopping for a new dildo or anal toy lately, then you’ve probably noticed the rise to stardom of the glass sex toy. Elegant, classy and enticing, there are many reasons why glass sex toys appeal to us and in many ways they are far superior to sex toys made of other commonly used materials. Let’s try gain a better understanding of why our impulses are telling us to click that ‘Buy Now’ button.


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Visual Perfection

Glass sex toys are just beautiful to look at. Some are quite simply works of art. Many are often hand crafted and designed to look as good as they feel.


Smooth Operator

Glass sex toys are super smooth to touch and feel amazing when inserted in the body. Every detail can be felt intensely and their hard, smooth finish ensures extremely pleasurable experiences. Take for example the Icicles Glass Dildo, made of hand blown glass, this dildo is designed in a way that the veins are standing out in detail, but still feel luxuriously smooth against the hand. The sensitivity of your skin will be heightened as you experience the luscious sensations brought about by touching glass sex toys.


Strong as Sandow

If you think that the glass materials used in these sex toys are similar to the ones used in every day glass items that can easily break, think again. A good quality glass dildo or anal plug is made of safe materials such as Borosilicate glass, similar to Pyrex. This makes them more resistant to thermal shock and they are far stronger than standard glass.

Good quality glass toys go through an annealing and inspection process so the glass is strong, durable, and far less likely to break. Cheaper glass toys found on Amazon (or the ones where you see the same design everywhere) tend to not go through this process are not as durable or reliable, especially for long-term use.

Take care of your glass toy, keep it in a nice protective casing and look after it. Once you take good care of it and don’t throw it around or bang it on hard surfaces, your toy should last a lifetime with many years of pleasure. Of course, accidents can happen and if your toy does break for any reason, you should stop using it and dispose of it immediately in a safe manner.

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Hot or Cold, Have it Your Way.

Unlike many other materials used in sex toys which cannot be used when hot, glass sex toys can be heated up or cooled down. The sensation of using a dildo which has been heated up, or a vibrator which has been cooled down will feel amazing on the most sensitive parts of your body, thus giving you unbelievable, mind shattering orgasms. As previously stated, glass sex toys are usually made from borosilicate glass. This gives them a lower thermal expansion, which makes them more resistant to thermal shock.

Heating your glass dildo won’t ruin it, there will be no thermal shock, and you can have fun without worrying about consequences. Heating glass sex toys is as easy as putting it in a bowl of warm water until it reaches the desired temperature. Play around with how hot you like it and be careful not to over heat your toy!

Similarly, cooling a glass toy is as simple as placing it into the freezer until it reaches the desired temperature. Ensure to always use plenty of lube when experimenting with your glass sex toys. Both water and silicone based lubes are suitable to use.


Clean as New Preen

Finally, glass sex toys are non-porous which means that bodily fluids will not stick to their surface. As well as being more hygienic, this makes them very easy to clean. A bowl of warm, soapy water will do the trick, as will a good sex toy cleaner.


The Devil in Me

We hope this has made up your mind once and for all. Next time that cute little devil on your shoulder is telling you to buy the glass dildo you’ve been craving, just do it and get ready for the most mind shattering orgasms of your life! A glass toy inserted in the right places, combined with the right wand, sucker or masturbator will leave you speechless and wondering what else in this world have you been missing out on?


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