In What Countries Are Sex Toys Illegal?

Bealtaine 08, 2023 3 min read

In What Countries Are Sex Toys Illegal?


Packing a few sex toys in our luggage is common practice for most these days when heading off on holidays. Some of us might pack up our favourite dildo, vibrator or masturbator, while others, a full suitcase of whips, gags, restraints and as much BDSM gear as they can fit (each to their own, we say!). But did you ever stop and wonder if maybe the country we're about to spend our lives in for the next week or two have any limitations or laws surrounding sex toys? Well it turns out, they do and you could land yourself in an awful spot of bother if it is discovered that your suitcase contains your favourite thrusting vibrator for those steamy holiday shower sessions! Let's take a look at some popular holiday destinations to know the do's and don'ts surrounding sex toy travel.


The Maldives

We'll start with the Maldives, one of the worlds most popular honeymoon destinations. Well known for it's white, sandy beaches, clear blue waters and exotic, high class holiday resorts, according to the Maldives Customs Service, pornographic materials are prohibited. This includes sex toys, meaning that bringing them through the airport is illegal!



Thailand has a thriving sex industry and has been associated with things like live sex shows and prostitution for hundreds of years. While prostitution is actually now illegal and has been since the 1960's, the laws surrounding it are somewhat of a grey area. The Prevention and Suppression of Prostitution Act (1996) places the responsibility on the ‘client’ more-so than the worker. So if caught in the act, those found to be soliciting sex are liable to be fined and depending on the circumstances, can face jail!

Because of it's reputation, it would be easy to assume that Thailand has a relaxed attitude to sex toys and pornographic material but they do in fact fall into the category of 'obscene items' on the countries list of prohibited goods. So, if discovered, authorities could take criminal action, be warned.

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Vietnam is a growing tourist destination and due to it's close proximity to Thailand, get's many many backpackers visiting each year. The country has made it clear that it doesn't like tourists bringing sex toys into the country. In 2011, the government made buying sex toys or bringing them into the country illegal. Anyone found bringing sex toys into the country by customs will have their toys confiscated and disposed of at the very least.


United Arab Emirates (UAE)

The United Arab Emirates draws in millions of visitors every year, with Dubai and Abu Dhabi especially popular tourist destinations. But if you're planning a little kinky time once you get there, be careful as taking sex toys into the country or even ordering them to be delivered there is illegal. If found, your sex toys will be confiscated and the person who owns them can also be prosecuted.



India is laden with history and culture. Tourists flock there every year to visit one of the seven wonders of the world, the Taj Mahal. But according to Section 292 of the Indian Penal Code, there is a nationwide ban on objects which are 'deemed to be obscene'. These objects include sex toys as well as pornographic books or drawings. Interestingly, massagers can be taken into India but not if they are phallic shaped so a classic magic wand is deemed ok if you're looking to take a little pleasure in your back pack. 


While it might be safe to assume that a lot of the time you won't get caught and nobody will ever know just what exactly is lurking in your suitcase, breaking these laws could well end up with your favourite toy being confiscated and even a possible stint in a jail cell. Keep it simple and play it smart when travelling. Nobody can prove that the hemp rope you've got is for restraint and bondage. Or that your sleep mask doubles as a blindfold for BDSM fun. A bullet vibrator is easily hidden in a make up case and a massage wand is the perfect stress reliever to take on your next trip!

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