Alabama 3 Piece Set with Mask

Step into the sweetest fantasy with this 3 Piece Set with Mask, "Alabama".  The feline inspired mask, breast harness and stunning waist belt will unleash your inner lioness, luscious and playful, ready to pounce. 

The psychology behind wearing a mask in the bedroom, is that it allows us to unleash a side which we might not otherwise see. Forget about day to day life and who we think we are and let your primal desires lead the way.  

The breast harness features a unique, three strap design which instantly shows your adventurous side to those lucky enough to feast their eyes on you. The semi-open design features a series of chains running across each breast and down towards your belly button, simply seductive. With the breasts semi exposed, you can enhance your arousal with a playful pair of nipple clamps or whatever else takes your imagination.

The bottom half is worn like a belt just above the hips and features multiple O-rings as well as some stunning silver chains to give an exotic vibe. 

Made from luxurious vegan leather materials and designed for those who appreciate both fashion and compassion, this item exudes sophistication without compromising on your values.

Alabama comes in two colours; black or white. Both are equally stunning. Whichever colour you choose, your onlookers will be mesmerised by your sex appeal and charisma, desperate to be part of your world!