Allesandra Full Body Harness

Product Description

Bring out your inner seductress with the Allesandra Body Harness from Eden's Temple. This ultra-sexy harness, made from premium vegan leather harness will make your body look intoxicating and your mind feel unstoppable; you'll have the power, allure, and charm you need to conquer the night.

From the top down, we start with an O-ring collar, to which you can choose (if you so wish) to attach your favourite leash, let the games begin! Next is the open breast harness which covers the torso. There are many benefits to having the breasts exposed, cover your nipples with cross pattern nipple pasties to add to your allure, remove them when it's time to play and heighten your arousal with your favourite pair of clamps. 

An O-ring on each side of the waist belt allows you to attach the cuffs (which are included) for some bondage and submission. The piece finishes with a thigh strap on each leg sitting just under your butt cheek, seductive and cheeky, classy and chic. 

Allesandra is available in three colours; Black, White & Red.

Classic Black is the choice of many, it screams kinky, fetishistic and ready to play.

Snow White will instantly suggest an innocent side to your personality and seduce your onlookers into a false sense of modesty, until that is, you're ready to unleash your wild side. 

Fiery Red is the colour that instantly screams playful and passion, love and lust. 

Whatever colour you choose, your inner goddess is ready, waiting to be unleashed.


Made from luxurious vegan leather materials and designed for those who appreciate both fashion and compassion, this item exudes sophistication without compromising on your values.

The hardware (O-rings, studs etc. are made of metal). 


One Size, very adjustable.

Neck; adjustable from 34-42cm

Waist; adjustable from 68-86cm

Upper Thigh; adjustable from 46-70cm