Scarlett Two Piece Harness Set with Cuffs

Product Description

Add a touch of fire to your lustful encounters with this Two Piece Harness Set with Cuffs "Scarlett". Made of premium vegan leather, Scarlettsdesign is minimalist but ultra effective in creating feelings of desire in anyone that lays eyes on her. The upper half features a series of red straps connected by multiple O-rings which run down the middle of the chest, around the waist and around the neck like a collar. Buckles at the back of the neck and waist are comfortable and adjustable.

The bottom half is worn like a belt just above the hips and again features multiple O-rings as well as some stunning silver chains to give an exotic vibe. Featuring cuffs, which are fully detachable, this tantalising two-piece set will turn heads (and spark some sultry encounters) wherever it's worn. Red in colour, you will love how sexy this set makes you feel and the lustful looks you receive from anyone lucky enough to lay eyes on you.


Made from luxurious vegan leather materials and designed for those who appreciate both fashion and compassion, this item exudes sophistication without compromising on your values.

The chains are made from quality aluminium and the hardware (O-rings, studs etc.) are made of metal. 


One size, adjustable.

Upper Hip; adjustable from 82-106cm

Waist; adjustable from 60-90cm

Neck; adjustable from 30-44cm

*bra from images not included