Padma Leg Harness


Cute, kinky and daring, the Padma Leg Harness from Eden's Temple radiates beautiful vibes from its vibrant bows. Expertly crafted from premium vegan leather, Padma is one of the most eye catching pieces available from our kink boutique. 

A single strap belt sits around the waist for a high waist look, naturally accentuating your fantastic curves. Next, a combination of hanging chains on the sides and bows on the front of each thigh adds an abundance of charm and sex appeal. 4 narrow straps with buckles wrap around above the knee of each leg to finish off a scintillating look, that will help you to own your sexual energy and have anyone that lays eyes on you eating from the palm of your hand. Available in two colours; Black & Baby Pink.

For a classic, kinky look the black set is perfect to let your onlookers know that you are wild but also playful. If you're looking to show a softer, sweeter, babygirl persona, then pink is the one for you. If you can't decide, nobody said you can't buy both!


Made from luxurious vegan leather materials and designed for those who appreciate both fashion and compassion, this item exudes sophistication without compromising on your values.

The chains are made from quality aluminium and the hardware (O-rings, spikes etc. are made of metal). 


One size, adjustable.

Waist; adjustable from 60-98cm

Thigh; adjustable from 46-72cm