Shunga Mini Massage Candle | Rose

Massage has never been so special, sensual and passionate as with the Shunga Massage Candle range. The melting temperature is low enough so that you can use the heated oil to massage your lovers skin, forcing thousands of sensations to invade their body. With it's beautiful rose aroma, there's no doubt that you will give the most special massages you have ever given.

This imagery is inspired by Japanese erotic art. It is a true invitation to immerse yourself in this exotic culture and let your senses take you to new places. These elegant cosmetics are an ode of sensuality, excitement and passion. Let the journey begin!


  • Dimensions: 2.5 cm x 6 cm
  • Rose aroma
  • 30 ml
  • Made with 100% natural oils
  • Produces a warm-to-the-touch oil
  • Lasts 4 hours
  • Delicate and subtle fragrances
  • Leaves skin soft and silky