Best Sex Toys | Valentine's Edition

February 14, 2023 2 min read

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If you’re looking for some new sex toys or BDSM gear to spice things up in the bedroom, be it with a partner or playing solo, taking inspiration from others is a great way to get ideas on what to buy. What new kinks could pique your interest and open new doors on your adventure through life's pleasures? Let’s take a look and see what sex toys our customers were enjoying from lately.


1. Shunga Mini Massage Candle | Various Scents


Best selling sex toys, January from Eden's Temple Adult Boutique.

Massage has never been so special, sensual and passionate as with the Shunga Massage Candle range. The melting temperature is low enough so that you can use the heated oil to massage your lovers skin, forcing thousands of sensations to invade their body. With various beautiful aromas available, there's no doubt that you will give (or receive) the most amazing massages possible. These candles are the perfect foreplay for steamy sessions between the sheets and are available in Vanilla, Rose & Strawberry Wine. Customers have noted that they were surprised at the low temperature of the wax when the candles were at melting point and the ease at which they could be used. 



2. Studded Faux Leather Paddle

Studded Faux Leather Paddle from LUX Fetish | Eden's Temple Sex Toys Ireland


This studded faux leather paddle from LUX Fetish is a must have addition to any toy bag or sex room! Firstly, unlike a lot of other paddles of this nature, its big. It measures 20" in total length, the handle alone is approx 6" long. Not only is it big, it's strong and robustly made, perfect for long and hard spanking sessions. The faux leather material is of excellent quality and the decorative studs add an extra sexy element to this already fantastic spanking device. Having sold many of these since its release on, this paddle has surely reddened many a bottom amongst our kinky community! Customers have noted that the paddle was bigger than they expected so make sure and check the measurements when ordering!

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3. Pinwheel | Wooden Handle

Pinwheel with Wooden Handle | Eden's Temple Sex Toys Ireland.

A pinwheel with a classic, vintage type look, one could imagine this being used as a medieval torture tool in days gone by!

The thing about the pinwheel is, you can create many different types of sensations with this unique toy, depending on how hard it's pressed to the skin. A light roll will create nice, sensual feelings and can be a great type of foreplay. The intensity of the sensations that are created totally depend on the person using the pinwheel so make sure and spend some time testing it out on yourself too as the tips are razor sharp! Remember, a good craftsperson must know the limits of their tools. 

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4. Chaiamo Rechargeable Bullet Vibrator


Bullet Chaiamo Rechargeable Vibrator | Eden's Temple Sex Toys Ireland

Elegant, powerful and crafted to absolute perfection. Exquisitely designed to bring you to the ultimate climax. The Rocks Off Chaiamo Rechargeable Bullet Vibrator is made from velvety medical grade silicone and is 100% water resistant. Targeting your pleasure zones with intense, deep and sensual vibrations, this bullet is known for giving intense, exhilarating orgasms. 

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