Valentina Leg Harness

Introducing the tantalising Valentina Leg Harness, a bewitching creation from the luxurious world of Eden's Temple. Crafted meticulously with premium vegan leather, this alluring accessory seamlessly marries sensuality and sophistication. 

Elevate your bedroom escapades with its exquisite design, embracing your curves with a seductive allure that is sure to captivate every gaze. Its intricate detailing, featuring leather straps and multiple o-rings, whispers promises of forbidden pleasures, inviting you to explore the depths of your desires. 

Indulge in the playful abandon of the accompanying cuffs, meticulously designed to tease and tantalise, inviting you to relinquish control or seize it with passion. Whether you're a seasoned adventurer or a curious novice, the Valentina Leg Harness will unlock new dimensions of ecstasy, becoming an essential tool in your arsenal of seduction. 

The beauty of this piece is it's versatility. As you can see from the pictures, it can be worn either way, allowing you to create two completely different looks from the same harness. Step into the world of temptation, embrace the unknown, and embrace the fiery spirit of Valentina.


Made from luxurious vegan leather materials and designed for those who appreciate both fashion and compassion, this item exudes sophistication without compromising on your values.

The hardware (O-rings, studs etc.) are made of metal. 


One size, adjustable.

Waist; adjustable from 68-76cm

Upper Thigh; adjustable from 50-70cm